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Title: Locating your pstrip.ini file
Post by: Rik Wang on February 07, 2010, 06:02:05 AM
PowerStrip stores almost all its configuration settings and your preferences in a private ini (text) file, to facilitate easy portability. Originally this file was saved to the same folder the PowerStrip program was installed to, but beginning with Vista, it is not possible for PowerStrip to write to this folder unless UAC is disabled or explicit administrative privileges are granted.

Where PowerStrip cannot write to its own installation folder, it will instead save the pstrip.ini file to your Windows APPDATA folder, which is typically unique to the account under which PowerStrip is running. To locate your pstrip.ini file, go here: PowerStrip menu > Options > Preferences, and double-click on the "Compatibility" bar. This will create a shortcut to your pstrip.ini file on your Windows desktop.

NB: Be sure to close PowerStrip before accessing the pstrip.ini file, as it is cached in memory while PowerStrip is running.