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Author Topic: Color calibration  (Read 24006 times)
Rik Wang
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« on: October 08, 2003, 07:34:23 AM »

PowerStrip provides an extensive set of color correction controls, but makes no pretense as to how or in what way color should be adjusted to suit specific subjective needs or ambient objective conditions. In fact, monitor calibration should really be performed first by adjusting the contrast, brightness, temperature and gain controls on the monitor itself - not by adjusting the output from the graphics card. Software adjustments to the graphics card should only be made after the monitor controls have been exhausted, or to compensate for transient conditions (e.g., for an exceptionally sunny afternoon,  or for a particular game that is too dark, and so on).

Those who wish to calibrate their monitor using PowerStrip's color controls will find advice and test patterns at Timo Autiokari's Accurate Image Manipulation site. The old Nokia Monitor Test utility remains very useful as well.

Those who prefer to use the results from other color calibration programs can do so by following the steps below:

    1. Calibrate your monitor using the software of your choice
    2. PowerStrip menu > Color profiles > Configure
    3. Click the "camera" speedbutton, select "Capture" from the dropdown menu, and provide a descriptive name to the captured gamma ramp
    4. Check "Apply adjustments to non-linear ramp", and select the gamma ramp you just saved from the list

This gamma ramp is stored in the Windows registry and now replaces the graphics card's default, linear gamma ramp as the basis for all of PowerStrip's other color controls, including PowerStrip's hotkeys and color and application profiles. There are no limits on the number of captured gamma ramps you can use, or their origin - you can easily hotkey between, e.g., a subjectively generated gamma ramp from Kodak or Adobe, and one made with a hardware colorimeter or spectrophotometer.

Note that you should disable the software you used to calibrate your monitor at Step #1, so that it does not conflict or cancel the new PowerStrip gamma ramp.

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