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Author Topic: Barco ISIS Display with 2048x2048  (Read 11195 times)

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« on: June 23, 2004, 04:11:33 AM »


I want to use a Barco ISIS display with a nativ resolution of 2048x2048 with an nvidia based Quadro FX 3000 graphicscard under Linux.
Problem is, that the monitor is not recognized by the graphicscard. To force the FX 3000 to generate a picture through the DVI connector I would need the EDID informations of the display and also the Modeline.
Next Problem I have is, that these kind of displays are normally used with a Barco PVS6600 Graphicscard that only has drivers for Linux. So I´m not able to read the EDID informations with the Entech Tools.

Does someone of you maybe have a good idea to get these Informations or maybe has a software that runs under Linux to read the EDID block..??

Rik Wang
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« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2004, 05:43:28 PM »

MonInfo can get the edid under Windows - no need to boot up Linux.

« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2004, 03:12:08 PM »

The BARCO display does not support EDID!
Rik Wang
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« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2004, 04:38:59 PM »

Then you need to construct a modeline manually based on the manual. Here's the VESA GTF timing, for both PowerStrip/Windows and Linux:

PowerStrip timing parameters:

Linux modeline parameters:
"2048x2048" 360.060 2048 2216 2440 2832 2048 2049 2052 2119 +hsync +vsync


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« Reply #4 on: May 26, 2010, 01:12:28 PM »

The Barco ISIS display purposefully has the EDID disabled. This is so you buy their graphics card.

I know it has a EDID table if they want to enable it. A call to Barco support may be fruitful but do not bank on it.

In LINUX you can force the 2048x2048 resolution by mode line but graphics cards such as the NVIDA series still looks for a EDID table during booting. If they don’t see it then they revert to VGA and then reject the 2048x2048 resolution when X is started.

I know of several people who have this problem.

A solution is to use the Thruput Videomax. This will report to the monitor the correct EDID table and pass through the video to the monitor.

This solution was used successfully in Brazil and Mexico

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« Reply #5 on: May 28, 2010, 02:30:37 AM »

When Barco launched its first generation of ISIS displays for air traffic control, we created a flexible display capable of processing the standard 2Kx2K analog signal as well as digital signals. Back in those days DVI was not yet widespread, let alone there was a guideline for the a-typical 2Kx2K square format. The latest generation of ISIS displays support 2DVI inputs, with EDID table loaded default. This means that customers can use any graphic board that supports dual-link DVI.

Feel free to contact me directly with further questions and I will make sure you can discuss directly with our technical specialists.

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