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Author Topic: Driving a HD device from a notebook  (Read 26959 times)
Rik Wang
Posts: 8833

« on: October 29, 2004, 01:45:56 PM »

For reasons spelled out in another FAQ, PowerStrip does not officially support laptops. Nevertheless, lots of people do have notebooks, and they do try to drive HD CE devices with them. For best results, the following guidelines are recommended:

    1. Go to Windows Display properties > Settings
    2. Enable the notebook LCD as the primary monitor
    3. Enable the external device as the secondary monitor
    4. Set the notebook LCD to its native resolution if its not there already
    5. Set the external device to its native or optimal resolution - PowerStrip may or may not be useful in creating and/or enforcing a custom resolution and timing*

Now use your notebook's special function keys to switch between the various supported display configurations, which typically include (1) notebook LCD only, (2) external device only, and (3) notebook LCD plus external device. Do not use Clone or Mirror modes.

*When attempting to create a custom resolution and/or refine a timing,  do so with both the notebook LCD and the external device enabled, and then configure the external device with PowerStrip on the notebook LCD, so you can easily recover if the HD device goes out-of-sync.

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