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Author Topic: Purpose and rules - please read!  (Read 18910 times)
Rik Wang
Posts: 8833

« on: September 14, 2003, 11:33:31 AM »

The purpose of this particular forum is to grow a database providing resolutions and timings for specific makes and models of fixed frequency devices, esp. HDTV devices. This is where one comes for answers, rather than where one comes to ask questions. A previous attempt at this sort of thing was flooded with questions, and quickly lost focus, so posting questions here is not allowed. If you have a question, it should go to this forum instead of here. Questions posted here will simply be deleted.

Also: if you came here looking for answers and have come up empty-handed, be sure to do a search of the HTPC section at avsforum.com first - chances are good that someone over there has already run into the problem you're having and is willing to share their experience.

(The timings provided in this forum are enabled by using the paste-from-clipboard speedbutton in either the Advanced timing options or Custom resolution dialog boxes.)

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