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Author Topic: Setting up FFDshow video configuration  (Read 8125 times)

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« on: February 17, 2009, 04:56:51 AM »

I just made a switch on my HTPC and skipped AC3Filter and going to use the ffdshow Audio Decoder for my audio signal.

I ll first tell you guys my setup and what I want:
I have a HTPC with three different types of media that I play: .mkv, .wmv and VIDEO_TS folders (standard def. dvd). I own the ATI HD4350 and managed to get sound over HDMI work. This way I can PCM passthrough the audio to my receiver. I also use ReClock and selected the internal AC3 encoder box in the ReClock properties.

So I ve installed ffdshow (the MMX version, this was the latest one. Dont know which version to use for best results, I have a intel quad-core processor, So first question id which version to use for my setup) and choose ONLY the audio decoder to install (I use other decoders for my video).

I see that here I can disable and enable decoding for different formats. I think I ll have to select eg. AC3 here (my VIDEO_TS material contains an AC3 signal), but I see two option to decode: Liba52 and Libavcodec. Which one should I choose here? Am I correct when I say that when picking one of the two here decodes the AC3 signal and sends it as PCM to ReClock?

Don t know if I have to set it on ENABLED and SAME AS INPUT or on DISABLED.

- pass-through AC3/DTS: I think I don t have to check this one in my setup correct?
- Supported output sample formats: check 16,24 and 32 bit correct?
- Dont check AC3 encode (this is done by ReClock correct?) and LPCM correct?
- Connect to any filter; leave it like that?
- Allow direct-to-file output, check or uncheck?

that s it for now. Sorry for the bad English.
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