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Author Topic: Latest mControl release notes - 1.03 Build 798  (Read 19085 times)
Ashley Saldanha
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« on: August 11, 2009, 12:23:09 PM »

mControl: Monitor Control Software

Shareware, with 21 day trial period.
Registration: US$18.95.

E-Mail: support@entechtaiwan.com
WWW: http://www.entechtaiwan.com

Automatic install/uninstall.

32/64-bit OS support:
Windows 8 Developer Preview
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2000

Requires one or more DDC/CI monitors and either Windows Vista
or later with a WHQL display driver, or, under Windows
2000 and XP, the latest display drivers for AMD Radeon, Intel
Extreme/HD Graphics, Nvidia GeForce/GTX, or  S3G Chrome

Matrix Mode for MultiMonitor Arrays
Changes made with mControl can be applied to either individual
displays or to all members of a multimonitor array, by toggling
the icon to the immediate left of the monitor selection list. 

Auto-rotation is only available on displays with a tilt sensor
and supporting firmware. Rotation is available on all displays
unless disabled by the system integrator (as is sometimes the
case with laptops). 

Green features
The Power conservation option invokes circadian logic, while
the Dynamic brightness option uses continuous content
evaluation on each display, to adjust backlight levels. These
features provide alternatives to, and may conflict with, the
active ambient light sensors and energy saving firmware
features on some displays.

Double-clicking on the green leaf icon to the immediate left
of the ecometers brings up an environment impact summary that
presumes an 8-hour, 250-day work year, USD0.09 per kWh, and
the 1998-2000 US average of 1.34 lbs. of CO2 per kWh

Sharpness control
Since many displays do not allow control over sharpness, or do
so only in analog mode, the Sharpness control (below Contrast)
is user-definable. It can be assigned to any supported
continuous VCP control code, by setting the "UserControlCode"
value to the desired opcode (dword) under the following
registry key: HKCU\Software\EnTech\mControl.

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M = program menu
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up = increases brightness
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Down = decreases brightness
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P = cycles thru profiles
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R = cycles thru screen orientations

Brightness and rotation hotkeys apply to the monitor the
cursor is on except in matrix mode where changes are applied
to all.

Hotkeys can be disabled altogether by setting the "Hotkeys"
value to 0 (dword) under the following registry key:

Command language
A rich and flexible command language is supported via the
commandline or registry. Commandline arguments can be combined,
while registry commands can elicit a response. Where appropriate,
a specific display can be targeted by prefacing the command with
the display number, e.g., "2:GetEdid"; if a display number is
not specified the command will be applied to the current
selected display. Commands include:

GetSupportedControls - returns a list of supported VCP opcodes
GetTiming - returns the current timing
GetPossible X - returns non-continuous control values for X
GetMax X - returns the maximum value for continuous control X
GetControl X - returns the current value for continuous control X
SetActiveInput [VGA/DVI2/HDMI/DP2,etc] - switches the active input
SetControl X Y - sets control X to hex value Y
IncControl X Y - increases the value of control X by Y
DecControl X Y - decreases the value of control X by Y
RestoreFactoryDefaults - restores factory defaults
AutoSetup - executes an autosetup (analog only)
RestoreLevelDefaults - restores level defaults
RestoreColorDefaults - restores color defaults
SetBrightnessLevel X - sets brightness to X% (0-100)
SetContrastLevel X - sets contrast to X% (0-100)
SetPowerMode [on/off] - sets the display power mode
SetOptimalResolution - switches to optimal resolution
WriteMIF [pathname] - writes a MIF file to pathname
RestoreProfile [name] - restores the specified profile
SaveCurrentSettings - saves current settings to NVRAM
Rescan - rescans display hardware
Terminate - terminates the program

Some of these commands require familiarity with the MCCS standard;
for example, the command to switch the active input on the primary
monitor to HDMI-2 would be: "1:SetControl 60 11".

Asset Management
If Asset management is enabled, mControl will respond to
commands entered in the "Incoming" value under the following
registry key: HKCU\Software\EnTech\RPC\In. Answers, if
appropriate, will be written to the "Outgoing" value under
the following registry key: HKCU\Software\EnTech\RPC\Out.

11/12/2011 - 1.03.798
- Enhanced SetActiveInput command parameters
- Added API reliability check
09/29/2011 - 1.03.792
- Fixed potential Win8 enumeration issue
09/03/2011 - 1.03.789
- Maintenance release
04/24/2011 - 1.03.786
- Patched around bad HP ZR30w firmware
- Improved DisplayLink support
02/28/2011 - 1.03.768
- Added NEC DV support
- Improved asset management
12/10/2010 - 1.02.752
- Improved Eyefinity support
11/21/2010 - 1.01.750
- Maintenance release
09/02/2010 - 1.01.732
- Maintenance release
04/01/2010 - 1.01.730
- Rotation hot key now cycles thru supported orientations
- Improved profile restoration
- Revised Swedish strings
11/25/2009 - 1.01.714
- Added rotation hot keys
- Improved matrix support
11/02/2009 - 1.01.712
- Maintenance release
10/05/2009 - 1.01.710
- Maintenance release
08/15/2009 - 1.00.690
- Tuned UI
- Partially exposed API and less obvious features
- Validated with Windows 7
07/27/2009 - 1.00.650
- Sync'd versions
- Added profile hotkey
- Improved compatibility with Win2k
07/21/2009 - 1.00.628
- Added backlight hotkeys and visual notifications
- Realigned controls
07/11/2009 - 1.00.589
- Exposed use of profiles in UI
- Added supported for AutoExec profile
- Changed commandline specifier from ">" to ":"
- Fixed focus grabbing bug
06/26/2009 - 1.00.576
- Fixed Chinese sublanguage misdetect
- Corrected Russian strings
06/17/2009 - 1.00.570
- Fixed eDP/LVDS detection bug
06/11/2009 - 1.00.566
- Improved Aero dynamic brightness adjustment
- Added incremental commands
- Added support for eDP and LVDS panels
- Extended localization
- Added menu global hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M)
30/04/2009 - 1.00.519
- Added dynamic brightness
15/04/2009 - 1.00.511
- Added power management and ergonomic alerts
24/03/2009 - 1.00.496
- Added aspect ratio/scaling control
- Added additional error logging
03/03/2009 - 1.00.481
- Synced with softMCCS and softOSD
- Added volume control
07/02/2009 - 1.00.471
- Fixed potential enumeration issue
- Added uMD support
- Implemented driver blacklist
31/01/2009 - 1.00.464
- Improved detection
- Removed some UI fluff
- Augmented DPM support
13/01/2009 - 1.00.432
- Fixed r/w active output select
- Reenabled keypad synchronization
09/12/2008 - 1.00.425
- Patched around errant GM firmware
- Enhanced UI under pre-Vista platforms
- Added command-line support for profiles, batch control
- Added support for DP sink notifications
22/11/2008 - 1.00.365
- Added native support for S3 Graphics
- Improved native NVidia support for DisplayPort
- Allowed for fixed device caps
- Added support for unified changes
10/11/2008 - 1.00.350
- Added support for LG fEngine
- Improved enumeration and multimonitor auto-selection
- Added initial tooltip
- Implemented sharpness and focus control
- Added auto-correction for common firmware syntax errors
18/10/2008 - 1.00.300
- Initial public release

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Posts: 4

« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2009, 10:04:30 PM »

I've downloaded mcontrol from your site, but when I start it I always get the same "Trial expired" message box, then exits. I have Windows 7 as OS.
I've also tried to run it in a fresh windows XP  in a virtual machine. The same thing.

What should I do to be able to run it?
Ashley Saldanha
Posts: 1806

« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2009, 06:08:44 AM »

That just means you've used it previously.


Posts: 4

« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2009, 07:21:33 AM »

That's what I thought aswell, about it, at first. I remembered to have used another entech product (Power Strip) on the system before.
But that is why I tried mControl on a fresh OS in a vritual machine. And I have the same error.
I know I haven't tried mControl before because I was searching for this kind of program, very much. Until now I have only used ScreenBright.
Ashley Saldanha
Posts: 1806

« Reply #4 on: October 10, 2009, 11:26:41 AM »

That's weird. I just created a new user account, downloaded and installed mControl, and it ran just fine.

One other thing to check: check the date on your machine and make suure its correct.


Posts: 4

« Reply #5 on: October 10, 2009, 11:49:43 AM »

OK, now it worked.
I didn't change anything at the OS (date was real)
Now, I just downloaded the program from a link here in the forum, while logged in. Installed it and run fine. Pfff.

First time when I downloaded the setup I had not yet had an account on the forum. I downloaded it from the same link in the forums. Does that really count?
I can't understand the differnece, what made it work.
Ashley Saldanha
Posts: 1806

« Reply #6 on: October 10, 2009, 02:45:24 PM »

I don't think there are any other versions available from us - which link are you talking about (on the forums)?



Posts: 4

« Reply #7 on: October 11, 2009, 02:40:44 PM »

It was the link from "mControl Released" topic's first post. But I have checked and it's the same with the other one from the your site homepage Products for example.
It's not that nor was that I had been loged in the forum.
The problem was, I guess, with your releases, because I have 2 versions of setups (different lenghts), downloaded in two consecutive days. Only the later works, former displays trial days error, at first run.
Ashley Saldanha
Posts: 1806

« Reply #8 on: October 12, 2009, 02:48:59 PM »

Yeah, that's possible - the previous release expired in 10'09.

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