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Author Topic: PowerStrip tweak to output 1080p/120Hz in 2D to almost *any* 3D display.  (Read 5721 times)
Mark Rejhon

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« on: June 03, 2012, 05:42:53 PM »


I just noticed that 1080p/120Hz in 2D mode is the same timings as outputting 1080p in 3D mode (2 eyes at 60Hz each delivered 1/120th of a second apart, i.e. 120Hz refresh to deliver two 60Hz frames).

Basically, to trick a 3D display (any 3D HDTV!!!) into displaying native 120Hz in 2D mode, you're over DVI (or HDMI) delivering odd refreshes to the left eye refresh, and even refreshes to the right eye refresh.  Presto -- it's like a 120Hz 2D signal, and you put down your glasses.  

Has anyone tried these PowerStrip timings, to trick 120Hz 2D to any 3D display that uses alternate-frame refreshing?
If not, is a PowerStrip improvement/modification necessary to make this work?

Thus, you can use any 3D HDTV not normally advertised in being able to do 2D 120Hz natively, as long as your graphics card is capable of outputting a compatible HDMI 1.3a signal, and is tweaked to instead output odd-numbered 2D refreshes via the left eye channel and even-numbered 2D refreshes via the right eye channel, resulting in a native 2D 120Hz....  It's just a matter of software/driver...hopefully just a PowerStrip tweak!  (Maybe Entech Taiwan can update PowerStrip to do this... it may be as simple as just simply outputting a regular 120Hz signal, but with proper HDMI 1.3a compatible coding that tricks the HDTV to thinking it's a 3D signal, even though it is not)

Mark Rejhon
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Mark Rejhion
Ashley Saldanha
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« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2012, 04:20:38 AM »

Hey Mark - Good to see one of the HTPC pioneers drop by. As you may recall, one of the original purposes of PowerStrip in the 1990s was to drive medical CRTs to 240Hz, so the ability to do what you suggest has always been there. But times change and PowerStrip is no longer actively developed to support the latest GPUs, so this kind of thing would have to be accomplished nowadays via the AMD/Intel/Nvidia control panel and display driver. Cheers!

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