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Author Topic: Latest PowerStrip release notes - 3.90 Build 735  (Read 89166 times)
Rik Wang
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« on: January 09, 2005, 09:41:19 AM »

PowerStrip - Advanced MultiMonitor Display Manager

Automatic install/uninstall.

OS support:
Windows 7 x64
Windows 7
Windows Vista x64
Windows Vista
Windows XP x64
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows Millennium
Windows 98
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 95

Registration: US$29.95.

E-Mail: support@entechtaiwan.com
WWW: http://www.entechtaiwan.com/ps.htm


1. Registered users of PowerStrip 1.x or 2.x will need
to request a new registration key. The upgrade is free,
but the registration key has changed. Your request
*must* be accompanied by the exact name or the email
address you used when you first registered.

2. Compatibility conflicts with certain hardware are
likely to always exist. PowerStrip has a wide range of
compatibility switches that may alleviate conflicts.
Be sure you exhaust the built-in remedies before you
request support.

3. The pstrip.ini file includes extensive information
about your hardware and software configuration. It must
be included with any problem report that is e-mailed.

4. Operating system upgrades to Windows 2000, XP or Vista
may require that PowerStrip be re-installed, so that the
correct additional files are installed.

5. Driver installation under x64 Editions of Windows
may require manual intervention, particularly if Win64
is installed in a FAT32 partition. Open Explorer,
select the win_x64.inf file in the PowerStrip folder,
right-click and select "Install" from the pop-up menu,
and then reboot.

6. If DEP is enabled for applications, an exclusion
may be necessary for the PowerStrip program (pstrip.exe).

7. The Pstapi.exe utility - an optional CLUT
protection daemon - has been known to trigger a false
positive in some anti-malware programs. It can be safely
deleted or excluded, as deemed appropriate, and is no
longer included with PowerStrip beginning with 3.83.


The following may work but are NOT supported:

- ISA and VL-bus graphics cards
- mobile and integrated graphics controllers
- 16-versions of Windows with or without Win32s
- generic 16-color 640x480 VGA configurations
- graphics cards not explicitly listed below

The following features and functions are supported
with different graphics chipset families:

Chipset       Timing  Gamma   Clocks  Notes
#9 T2R       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
#9 T2R4       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Banshee       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Blade3D       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
BladeXP       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Chrome20      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
CL543x        Yes     No      Yes     None
CL544x        Yes     No      Yes     None
CL546x        Yes     Yes     Yes     None
CL5480        Yes     Yes     Yes     None
DeltaChrome   Yes     Yes     Yes     None
ET6000        Yes     No      Yes     None
ET6100        Yes     No      Yes     None
G100          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
G200          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
G400          Yes*    Yes*    Yes    *Primary only
G450          Yes*    Yes*    Yes    *Primary only
G550          Yes*    Yes*    Yes    *Primary only
GammaChrome   Yes     Yes     Yes     None
GeForce       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
GeForce2      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
GeForce3      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
GeForce2MX    Yes*    Yes     Yes    *Primary only
GeForce4MX    Yes     Yes     Yes     None
GeForce4      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
GeForceFX     Yes     Yes     Yes     None
GeForce6      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
GeForce7      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
i740          Yes     Yes     No      None
i752          Yes     Yes     No      None
i81x          Yes     Yes     No      None
i8x5          Yes     Yes     No      None
i9x5          Yes     Yes     No      None
Kyro          Yes     Yes     Yes*   *Write-only
KyroII        Yes     Yes     Yes*   *Write-only
Mach64        No      Yes     Yes     None
MGA-2064      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
MGA-2164      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Mystique      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Parhelia      Yes     Yes*    Yes    *Write-only
Parhelia-LX   Yes     Yes*    Yes    *Write-only
Permedia      Yes*    Yes     Yes*   *Write-only
Permedia2     Yes*    Yes     Yes*   *Write-only
Permedia3     Yes     Yes     Yes     None
P9/P10        Yes     Yes     Yes     None
P20/P25       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
ProSavage     Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R100          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
RV100         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
RV200         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R200          Yes*    Yes     Yes    *Primary only
RV250         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
RV280         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R300          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
RV350         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R350          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
RV360         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
RV370         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
RV380         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
RV410         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
RV515         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
RV530         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R360          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R420          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R423          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R430          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R480          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R481          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R520          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R580          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
R6xx          Yes     Yes     Yes     None
RV6xx         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Rage          No      Yes     Yes     None
RageII        No      Yes     Yes     None
RagePro       No      Yes     Yes     None
Rage128       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Riva128       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Savage2000    Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Savage3D      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Savage4       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
SavageIX      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
SiS305        Yes     Yes     Yes     None
SiS315        Yes*    Yes     Yes    *Primary only
SiS6326       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
TNT/TNT2      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Trio          Yes     No      Yes     None
Trio/DX       Yes     No      Yes     None
Trio/GX       Yes     No      Yes     None
Trio3D        Yes     Yes     Yes     None
TrioLC2X      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
V2200         Yes     Yes     Yes     None
ViRGE         Yes     No      Yes     None
ViRGE/DX      Yes     No      Yes     None
ViRGE/GX      Yes     No      Yes     None
ViRGE/GX2     Yes     No      Yes     None
ViRGE/VX      Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Volari V3     Yes*    Yes     Yes    *Primary only
Volari V3XT   Yes*    Yes     Yes    *Primary only
Volari V5/V8  Yes*    Yes     Yes    *Primary only
Voodoo1       No      No      Yes     None
Voodoo2       No      No      Yes     None
Voodoo3       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Voodoo4       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Voodoo5       Yes     Yes     Yes     None
Xabre         Yes*    Yes     Yes    *Primary only

Note that many newer chipsets, unlisted here, are
supported but only partially and very imperfectly.


07/28/2001 - 3.00.184
- Initial public release of Version 3.0
08/05/2001 - 3.01.190
- Relaxed AGP configuration rules
- Polished UI up
09/21/2001 - 3.02.201
- Added validated SiS325 support
- Added preliminary G550 support
- Added validated RadeonII support
- Added timeout to timing changes
- Added more flexible FSAA/aniso options
- Eliminated interlace limits
- Added RGsB/RGBS custom res options
- Revised MGA custom res support for XP
- Set NVflex option to 1 by default
- Revised switches for Detonator 4
- Added refresh rate lock option
11/09/2001 - 3.10.221
- Added clock power management
- Added automatic recall of color adjustments
- Allows more flexible manual profile arrangement
- Validated support for the GF3 Titanium series
- Fixed up #9 T2R4 LUTDAC support for XP
- Rerouted SiS630/730 to SiS305/315
- Fixed Trident Blade and XP clock controls
- Added per-profile FSAA and aniso filtering options
- Added safety confirmation prompts
- Auto-enables interlaced gaming on the Radeon
- Fixed up switches for latest Kyro drivers
- Revised custom resolutions for Radeon
- Allows custom resolutions as low as 160x120
- Sync'd with latest Matrox Win9x drivers and MTSU
- Revised "force refresh rate" to include full timing
- Exposes all color adjustments to optional hotkeys
12/09/2001 - 3.11.238
- Added support for new NV D3D registry switches
- Improved in-game gamma hotkeys
- Fixed 10 profile limit to menus
- Fixed shortcut parsing and monitoring
- Refined color recall/reversion
- Improved NI/I Radeon switching
- Reworked icon management
- Added support for users and guests after rebooting
- Broadened control widths to accommodate long strings
- Permits user-specified system tray icon
- Updated multilanguage support
12/22/2001 - 3.12.244
- Improved multilanguage support
03/08/2002 - 3.15.268
- Added switchable support for running as a service
- Added switchable support for PS2 font controls
- Refined support for XP themes
- Added support for 27.xx NV drivers and GF4
- Further improved multilanguage support
- Fixed up Riva128 pixel clock jitter
- Added support for Xfree86 modelines as parameters
- Reworked NV clock routines for GF4 compatibility
- Improved support for Radeon 2nd CRTC
- Fixed up i740 pixel clock control
- Improved monitor enumeration
- Added lock scan frequency option
05/13/2002 - 3.16.280
- Added transparent headswapping for GF4 and GF4MX
- Added phased clock adjustments for Ti4600
- Added idle thread to optionally defeat PM
- Revised AGP 8x/3.0 detection
- Fixed stencil buffer disable for R200/RV200
- Added support for new graphics controllers
- Simplified/rationalized run-as-service support
- Revised TwinView enumeration (again)
- Patched around Radeon NT/2K/XP broken interlacing
- Added minimize windows option to application profiles
- Updated multilanguage support
- Improved safety switches
- Added non-linear gamma ramps (sRGB, Mac, etc.)
06/06/2002 - 3.18.286
- Revised headswapping for GF4 and GF4MX
- Updated I2C code for NV chips
- Fixed Kyro custom resolution bug (Win9x/Me)
- Added delay to power management hotkey
- Updated multilanguage support
07/07/2002 - 3.20.304
- Enabled flat panel timing control (DVI)
- Added Catalyst/Detonator 29.60+ compatibility
- Streamlined NV memory clock management
- Improved monitor enumeration
08/22/2002 - 3.25.325
- Removed limits on Radeon clocks
- Added advanced timimg support for Rage128/R128P
- Fixed compatibility problem with nForce
- Sync'd DDC with MonInfo
- Fixed ATI bridge confusion on 8500DV cards
- Added SiS Xabre support
- Fixed up minor UI issues
- Fixed compatibility problem with ATI YPbPr adapter
- Added support for NeoMagic gamma correction
- Revised Trident XP mclk routine
- Fixed Napalm CRTC/SLI timing bug
- Expanded OEM branding options
- Enabled Silver Hammer DirecDAC by default
- Revised GF4 head assignment
08/30/2002 - 3.26.328
- Fixed compatibility problem with Detonator V
- Added workaround for R300 pixel clock
- Fixed shareware bug in 3.25
09/15/2002 - 3.28.335
- Added support for RV250 and R300
- Extended developer API
09/29/2002 - 3.29.342
- Improved handling of R300/RV250 secondaries
- Improved handling of GF4 secondaries
- Added support for Radeon trilinear filtering
- Improved run-as-service option
- Added hotkey support for changing primary monitor
- Added support for Radeon 9500/9700TX
- Fixed Appian Jeronimo 5462 bug
- Added preliminary Parhelia support
12/18/2002 - 3.30.366
- Improved handling of GF4 secondaries
- Added support for Radeon trilinear filtering
- Improved run-as-service option
- Added hotkey support for changing primary monitor
- Added support for Radeon 9500/9700TX
- Fixed Appian Jeronimo 5462 bug
- Added preliminary Parhelia support
04/22/2003 - 3.40.388
- Added GeForce FX support
- Improved Linux modeline support
- Revised G450/550 pixel clock search engine
- Updated predefined HDTV timings
- Enabled gamma hotkeys for 3dmark03
- Added VESA CVT timing support
- Raised ceiling on Radeon clocks
- Improved multimonitor UI and multilanguage support
- Fixed icon management
- Added screen capture hotkey
07/04/2003 - 3.43.400
- Fixed Wildcat VP gamma correction
- Revised NV3X clock control
- Updated multilanguage support
- Sync'd MGA G-series support with latest drivers
- Changed Radeon PLL calculator
- Added desk/pointer hotkeys
- Revised timing refresh procedure
- Added support for Radeon DVI interlacing
- Enabled SiS6326 gamma correction
- Added R350/RV350 support
08/06/2003 - 3.44.406
- Added Parhelia-LX support
- Revised Radeon 9x00 clock calculator
08/13/2003 - 3.45.410
- Updated multilanguage support
- Improved interlacing on NV2x/3x
10/10/2003 - 3.46.422
- Updated support for new ATI and NVidia drivers
- Improved Wildcat VP dual-DVI support
- Enabled Rendition color calibration w. generic driver 
- Revised SiS/XGI extended register access
- Added triple DAC support for Matrox P-series
- Added color boost option for ATI Radeons
11/02/2003 - 3.47.425
- Updated multilanguage support
02/07/2004 - 3.49.436
- Added XGI Volari support
- Updated GeForce FX5xxx support
- Added burn-in orbitor control
- Updated multilanguage support
07/01/2004 - 3.50.451
- Revised XGI Volari support
- Added ATI X800 support
- Added GeForce 6800 support
- Added preliminary S3 DeltaChrome support
- Added preliminary x64 support
- Enabled hotkeys for non-primary monitors
- Updated French translation
07/20/2004 - 3.51.453
- Added Glint R4 support
- Added Radeon switch for temporal AA
- Fixed PCI-X discovery
07/30/2004 - 3.52.456
- Fixed 6800 driver switches
- Improved Intel IGP sync pulse
- Fixed Win2003 SP installation problem
- Fixed multi-head app profile handling
- Improved NVidia dual-speed support
08/16/2004 - 3.53.460
- Revised Parhelia PLL phase changes
- Fixed Radeon 7500 head 2 support
- Added additional compatibility switches
- Made uninstaller silent switch optional
- Accelerated hotplug device detection
- Removed floor on Texas Instruments pclk
- Tightened up NV40 PLL constraints
10/31/2004 - 3.54.478
- Raised NV40 DAC ceiling to 400MHz
- Added transparent CVT reduced blanking support
- Fixed Volari DDR2 mclk calculation
- Improved monitor<>controller concordance
- Fixed potential multimonitor and DS profile bugs
- Added desktop icon reordering to orbiter
- Enabled Intel IGP pixel clock controls
- Added EIA 861B timings
- Added support for the V3XT
12/02/2004 - 3.55.484
- Added support for 16-bit LUT values
- Added custom resolution designer to eliminate overscan
12/20/2004 - 3.56.490
- Fixed NForce4 compatibility problem
- Added DVI hotplug timing enforcement
- Revised EIA 861B timings
01/07/2005 - 3.57.491
- Revised PCIe support
- Added preliminary V3/XP4 support
02/23/2005 - 3.58.502
- Relaxed restrictions on NV4x VPLL
- Improved V3/XP4 support
- Fixed custom resolution designer UI
- Improved i915G support
- Squashed device enumeration bug from 3.57
- Added Parhelia AR check and warning
- Improved x64 installation
- Validated NV43, R420, R423 and R430 support
- Added preliminary VIA Unichrome Pro support
- Removed modulo-8 restrictions on NV digital timing
- Improved NV logical<>physical head concordance
- Added list of manufacturer's recommended timings
03/31/2005 - 3.59.505
- Improved Intel dual-head support
- Added hardware support for NV4x SLI
- Fixed NVidia DVI-D vertical timing bug in 3.58
- Extended CR designer to non-primary monitors
- Improved Start/Shutdown profile support
- Added extra safety checks and warnings
- Expanded G450 DVI-D support
- Added more predefined LCD and plasma timings
05/14/2005 - 3.60.510
- Fixed NVidia dual-head profiles
- Added workaround for NVidia 6600 VPLL anomoly
- Extended Startup profile support
06/27/2005 - 3.61.520
- Added preliminay G70 support
- Improved Radeon high bandwidth digital timing
- Enabled V3/XP5 LUT2 color correction
- Added S3 GammaChrome support
09/29/2005 - 3.62.534
- Improved G70 pixel clock support
- Added timing support for Realizm VPUs
- Enabled EDID EEPROM updating (registered versions only)
- Relaxed Radeon analog timing requirements
- Improved x64 support
12/08/2005 - 3.63.540
- Revised GF6 pixel clock support
- Added preliminary ATI X1K support
- Added preliminary S3 Chrome20 support
- Added Volari custom resolution support
04/11/2006 - 3.64.555
- Added support for SLI dual GPU temps
- Improved ATI X1K support
- Sync'd performance switches with ATI CCC
- Fixed GF6 sub-VGA pixel clock jitter
- Revised installation for Vista B2
- Added Crossfire and SLIx4 support
05/01/2006 - 3.65.558
- Consolidated GPU support
- Improved ATI Overdrive detection
- Revised restore points
09/10/2006 - 3.70.570
- Sync'd DDC support with softOSD
- Added more HDTV timings
- Improved EDID file parsing
- Added support for ATI X1K interlacing
- Revised for compatibility with Vista RC1
- Rewrote DirectX enumeration
- Tightened calculation of monitor limits
10/30/2006 - 3.72.576
- Improved Vista support for RC2
- Fixed ATI X1K timing options
- Added optional API color trap
11/06/2006 - 3.73.579
- Replaced bad DLL included with 3.72
- Fixed 64-bit drv versioninfo
- Correct AltGr hotkey problem
04/06/2007 - 3.74.584
- Added preliminary R6xx support
- Improved R5xx timing support
- Added Intel GMA custom resolution support
- Improved EDID write routines
07/30/2007 - 3.75.590
- Added preliminary RS690 support
- Improved R6xx support
- Improved Intel GMA custom resolution support
- Enhanced EDID problem detection and correction
- Fixed x86 compatability issue with AMD DCO
- Added G80 color correction/overclocking via NVAPI
12/15/2007 - 3.76.594
- Maintenance release
- Added preliminary Chrome 400 series support
02/02/2008 - 3.77.595
- Maintenance release
04/03/2008 - 3.78.615
- Improved pixel clock calculation on R5xx/R6xx
- Changed hotkey mechanism for Vista UAC
- Maintenance release
07/12/2008 - 3.80.626
- Exposed GF8/9 advanced timing options
- Added preliminary HD4xxx support
- Improved multimonitor hotkey support
- Added timing search engine
- Enhanced CLUT protection
- Added additional hotkey mechanisms
08/12/2008 - 3.81.630
- Maintenance release
08/28/2008 - 3.82.632
- Maintenance release
09/17/2008 - 3.83.635
- Removed CLUT protection due to AV false positives
- Raised NV50 max pclk to 400MHz
- Changed pre-Vista default hotkey mechanism
11/18/2008 - 3.84.640
- Added additional LUT locking switch
- Extended HD4xxx support
- Fixed NV50 I2C bug
- Added additional HD4xxx support
- Corrected GF9300 reference clock
03/10/2009 - 3.85.645
- Fixed HDxxx AGP bug
- Revised discovery
- Improved Intel GMA support
- Fixed RS690 pixe clock
05/08/2009 - 3.86.650
- Maintenance release
- Improved HD4xxx support
11/01/2009 - 3.87.655
- Maintenance release
10/21/2010 - 3.88.670
- Maintenance release
01/16/2011 - 3.89.672
- Maintenance release
04/22/2011 - 3.90.711
- Maintenance release
- Improved HD5xxx support
09/23/2011 - 3.90.725
- Maintenance release
01/11/2012 - 3.90.734
- Maintenance release
03/19/2012 - 3.90.735
- Maintenance release
- Disabled hw support under Win8-x86

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